Gwen Sydner Wells

Owner & Stylist

Hi!  I'm Gwen!  I've been in the beauty industry 27 years, except for a 5 year break to earn a degree and work in the non-profit world.  After working for a horrible boss, I decided to go back to my happy place and found a stylist position in a sweet little boutique salon working with happy people.

Fast forward to 2009 when a move to Altavista inspired me to open my own salon, and create a happy place of my own. Creating my "happy bubble" has been so much fun!  I've had the privilege of working with and helping launch other women into careers and businesses of their own, and have a beautiful circle of clients that I love.

Recently, my husband, Jerome Snyder-- the Mead Maker and owner of Skjald Meadworks -- decided to return to a full time engineering job, but didn't want to leave his tasting room to be run by just anyone, so... I applied for my ABC license so I could expand my retail store to include his mead, and also add wine, seasonings, coffee, art, and accessories -- all the finer things in life! Even better-- my sources for many of these things are my neighbors: Stone Spice Co., Favored Flavors, Blackwater Coffee Co are all just up the road in Lynchburg.  How awesome that we can help each other do what we love.

In my career as a hairdresser,  I've constantly pursued education in color, cutting, styling, business classes...Now, with this new turn of events, I can turn my quest for knowledge toward wine. I love tasting, and everything sharing a glass with friends means:  camaraderie, connecting, laughter, storytelling, escape from the usual.  A visit to my chair has always included these things, now a visit to my store can help you carry this feeling with you....

I also want to expand this connecting world wide-- helping women in other small places to improve their lives by supporting them in the work they do. By offering for sale their work-- handmade scarves, jewelry, bags, art, accessories-- we can help them create their happy places, too. 

I believe positive energy continues in the sharing. Like dropping a pebble into a pool, the ripples continue and spread, carrying the positive energy to places we'll never know.  Share the love.